Trumpets 1-4

The First Trumpet – Revelation 8:7

86. The first angel sounded, and there followed ______________ and _____________ mingled with __________________ and these were cast upon the earth. (8:7)  
87. What resulted on the earth from the first trumpet? (8:7)

The Second Trumpet – Revelation 8:8-9

88. The second angel sounded and it was as a great _________ burning with fire was cast into the _____________. (8:8)

89. What resulted on the earth when the second angel sounded? (8:9)

The Third Trumpet – Revelation 8:10-11

90. When the third angel sounded, a great star fell upon a third of the _______________ and upon the ________________. (8:10)
91. The name of the star is called ___________________________. (8:11)
92. Many men died because the waters were made ___________________________. (8:11)

The Fourth Trumpet – Revelation 8:12-13

93. After the fourth angel sounded, what part of the sun, moon and stars were darkened? (8:12)
94. What did the angel flying in the midst of heaven say? (8:13)

ANSWERS in comments.


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