Pergamos and Thyatira

To the Angel of the Church in Pergamos Revelation 2:12-17 
20. Which church dwells where Satan’s seat is? (2:13) 

21. For what does Jesus commend the church in Pergamos? ((2:13)

22.Who was the faithful martyr, who was killed in Pergamos? (2:13) 

23. Pergamos had those among them who followed the doctrine of ______________ and others who held the doctrine of the _________________. (2:14-15) 

24. If Pergamos does not repent, what will be the consequences? (2:16) 

To the Angel of the Church in Thyatira – Revelation 2:18-29 

25. For what is the church in Thyatira commended? (2:19) 

26.The church in Thyatira tolerated _____________________________________. (2:20) 

27. What did Jezebel do? (2:20-21) 

28. What one thing is required of the faithful at Thyatira? (2:25) 


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One Response to Pergamos and Thyatira

  1. jennyf says:

    To the Angel of the Church of Pergamos
    20. The church of Pergamos
    21. They hold fast his name and have not denied the faith, even when some among them are being killed for the faith.
    22. Antipas
    23. Balaam, Nicolaitans
    24. I will come quickly and fight against them with the sword of my mouth
    To the Angel of the Church of Thyatira
    25. Works and charity and service and faith and patience and works; and the last to be more than the first.
    26. Jezebel
    27. Calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce my servants to commit fornication and to eat
    things sacrificed to idols
    28. Hold fast to that which you already have until I come


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